Beli is one of the oldest and was one of the most important villages on the island in the past.

Beli is an acropolis type of village located on 130-meter high hill in the north of Cres where previously a prehistoric hill-fort stood. It is a typical coastal close-built village. There are many cultural and historic landmarks in Beli some of which are: parish church with a semi-circular apse, previously a Romanesque church in which there are several valuable Glagolitic inscriptions, a Romanesque church St Mary with a museum collection, a Gothic one-nave chapel St Anthony in the local cemetery, prehistoric stables in front of the entrance to the village and a Roman bridge over the canyon and a stone head of King Abel.

As a tourist spot Beli is aimed at family and camping tourism with a nice pebble beach and a well-protected harbour. Beli is also a favourite starting point for long walks in the beautiful woods of Tramuntana.

"Eco centre Beli" is located in Beli; within Eco centre there is the Interpretation Center with several permanent displays related to biological diversity of the Cres and Mali Lošinj Archipelago, to the stories of Eurasian griffon under the title “Do you want reality or a myth?” and to history and environmental heritage of the Tramuntana woods. The centre is also in charge for integral protection of Eurasian griffons.