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Beginnings of tourism reach the far year of 1845 when the Austrian Lloyd organized first tourist tour from Rijeka to Cres.

On this occasion the visitors were delighted with Cres as people from Cres proved to be good hosts and even fired the mortar.

Next time people from Cres organized a special tournament in a field outside the city walls so that this tournament marked the tourism development in Cres.

Both the future and present of Cres lies in irresistible natural, cultural and historical landmarks as well as in outstanding hospitality, warmness and kindness of all people living on the island.

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Apartment Franja, Cres, ***

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Luxury apartment in heart of Cres Town. Sea view from the house. Visit to 40-years old enoteca. Reception is on address: Žrtava fašizma 6. Contacts: +385 91 951 3939 or +385958848860.