From generation to generation a long sailing tradition has handed down experiences and created urge for the sea while the archipelago’s natural indentation has built a magnificent setting for sailing.

The old saying "Navigare necesse est" has proven to be up-to-date today more than ever. This is the man’s essential need for the very source of life and fundamental strength that on one hand scares any skilled seaman yet attracts him inevitably.

When entering the local waters of Cres you’ll find yourself faced with mesmerising splendour that is yet to be discovered. The long indented coast wrapped with rich Mediterranean vegetation is full of numerous bays and beaches: the charming play of the sea and sun reveals deep bays where those favouring peace and harmony of nature can find peace and anchor.

Excellent micro climate conditions provide visitors with a restful, active and rich vacation.  Local waters of Cres pose a real challenge for navigators.

ACI marina Cres +385 51 571 622

CresSail +385 98 933 767