Olive growing

There is a long tradition of olive growing on Cres: olives along with sheep and Eurasian griffons are certainly the most distinguishable symbols of Cres.

Olive growing in Cres is noteworthy because of the symbiosis of olives and sheep. Sheep graze freely all around the island and thus both clean and fertilize olive groves. „Liquid gold“ i.e. olive oil on Cres is made from varieties plominka and slivnjača: the oil produced from olives just picked is of the highest quality.  Extra virgin olive oil from Cres is an original Croatian product.

This high-quality oil is produced from olives treated only mechanically: supremacy of the oil is provided by hand-picking of olives and their processing in the oil factory owned by the Cooperative Farm Cres on the very same day when they are picked. The Cooperative Farm Cres is also open to visitors: there you can taste the oil and learn everything about a hundred-year old tradition of olive growing.

Cooperative Farm Cres

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