Vrana Lake

There are many legends on the origin of and on the creatures living in the Vrana Lake or in caves nearby.

The Vrana Lake is a crypto depression: it is 74, 5 metres deep and has a mean water level of  13 metres above the sea level which means that the deepest part of the lake is 61 metres under the sea level.  It contains more than 2 million cubic meters of freshwater.

The ancient myth has it that mostly fairies lived in the caves. Once upon a time there were two sisters Gavanke who owned a huge piece of land. One sister was rich and stingy, and the other one was poor. The rich sister stole the land from her sister and was mean towards the poor. Therefore God punished her and sent her earthquake and flood. The remnants of the castle can still be seen today on the lake bed and only sometimes during the storms bell ringing can be heard from the deep.

There are carps, pikes, tenches and eels in the lake – their occurrence has still not been explained. Households from both Cres and Lošinj are supplied with the water from the lake today and for this reason the lake is strictly off the limits.