Valun Table

The Valun Table from the 11th century is one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments having both bilingual and two-script inscription: the inscription in the first row is engraved in the Croatian language and in older forms of Slavic script (rounded Glagolitic); the inscription in the second and third row in the Medieval Latin script (Carolina). In the table are engraved old Croatian names of three cousins from three generations: granny Teha, son Bratohna and grandson Juna. All of them were buried in the same tomb.

Inscription in the Croatian language and Glagolitic script says: TEHA, SIN, VNUK JUNA
Inscription in the Medieval Latin script says: TECHA ET FILIUS EIUS BRATOHNA ET IUNNA NEPUS EIUS.

The table is kept and on display in St Mark church in Valun.

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