Old centre of the city

Venetian Tower, Cres

The round Venetian Tower from the15th century is located at the top of the Venetian defence system. Only this tower was preserved out of four towers and city walls that had encompassed the city. It is placed in the northwest of the city.

Remnants of city walls, Cres

This is what is remained from the city walls: cylindrical tower in the north of the city and three Renaissance city gates built in the 16th century: the south gate – small city gate Bragadina (1581), north city gate Marcela (1588.) and main city gate St Nicholas in the main square. Cres was walled already in the Middle Ages; these walls were renovated by Venetians and new ones were built in the 16th century; however, these walls were mostly demolished in the 19th century. People in Cres lived solely inside the city walls until the end of the Venetian era (the end of the 18th century) and during that time only two convents were built outside this area.

Municipal Loggia, Cres

The Municipal Loggia from the 15th century with the pillory is placed in the main city square – Frane Petrić square – and in the medieval harbour – Mandrač. The Loggia has always been the hub of the city and is mostly frequented in the forenoon when it becomes a market.

Roman Bridge, Beli

The 8-kilometre long Roman bridge over the canyon at the city entrance is the only fully preserved Roman Bridge on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Beli Olive Mill - Bejski toš, Beli

The Olive mill of Beli was built at the end of the 18th century:  legend has it that three men agreed to build the mill: however, only one name is known – Desantić or Dessanti.   One man gave his land, the other bought all the tools and the third gave the money to start the works. The mill was partially restored in 1885 and 1926 and was in use until the beginning of the World War II when a new metal one was purchased.  For some time both mills were running until the stone one definitely became old-fashioned.   The olive mill of Beli was the only olive mill available to the public on Cres and Lošinj.