Museum of Cres

The Museum of Cres is placed in the Gothic-Renaissance building “Arsan”.

The Museum of Cres is a cultural institution founded by the town of Cres. It is set in the Gothic-Renaissance palace Arsan that today is a protected cultural good. The palace was built by the bishop Antun Marcello Petris in the early 16th century. This is the time when the town of Osor decays so that the town of Cres becomes the economic, political and religious centre of both island and archipelago.

The palace was completely renovated in 2006 and since then has been open to the public: its impressive architecture and particularly its lavish Gothic and Renaissance apertures grab everybody’s attention. Its interior is also attractive priding itself on a preserved unique detail: the Renaissance toilet in the sleeping room of the former owner.  As the permanent display of the museum is still forthcoming occasional exhibitions have been staged trying to show all segments of life of an area that has been alive since the ancient times despite all the idiosyncrasies of secluded island environment.  

The museum was founded in 1910 and since 1973 has been set in the Arsan Palace: after 2006 these premises have finally been transformed into a representative museum facility; however, the museum’s preservation room in the adjacent building is still to be built.

The museum has eight structured collections. Material remnants of life on the island from prehistory to the late Middle Ages are stored in the Archaeological Collection. The Ethnographic Collection comprises articles of daily use, farming and fishing tools as well as the local garb from the period of 18th to 20th century. The Cultural and Historic Collection includes furniture, pictures, articles of daily use, weapons and liturgical equipment developed in the period ranging from 18th to 20th century. The Heraldic Collection consists of medals, medallions and coats of arms from the island of Cres some of which date as early as 16th century. The Numismatic Collection covers money samples from 2nd to 20th century. The most extensive collection is the Collection of old books and printed material originating from the foundations held by the Buničić, Koljevina and Moise families from the 16th to the 20th century. Besides, there are also the Technical Collection and the Varia Collection.

 Museum of Cres
 Ribarska 7
 51557 Cres
 Phone: +385 51 344963
 Opening hours for visitors:
 from 1st April to 15th June and 15th September to 15h October:
 Tuesday – Saturday  9 - 12 h
 On holidays, Sundays and Mondays: closed
 15th June – 15th September:
 Tuesday – Sunday  10 - 13 and 19 - 23 h
 Mondays: closed
 Visits to the Musuem of Cres are possible upon previous telephone notification.> 
 Adults - 10 HRK
 Children - 5 HRK