Churches and Convents

Parish church St Mary of the Snow, Cres
The Parish church St Mary of the Snow is a three-nave church from the15th century with both Gothic and Romanesque elements. The bell-tower originates from the18th century. The church holds a collection of old masters the most valuable of which is the St Sebastian polyptych with saints from the 15th century by Alvise Vivarini.

St Isidore Church, Cres
The church from the 12th century was named after the patron saint of the city of Cres. The church has the Romanesque apse, Gothic front and a small bell-tower with a spinning wheel. The bell in the church from the 14th century is one of the oldest on the island. There is a late Gothic wooden sculpture from the 15th century of St Isidore on the altar. 

Franciscan Convent, Cres
The Franciscan Convent from about 1300 with St Francis church prides itself on a double cloister: the outer Renaissance cloister with tombs of reputable Cres families and the older one – inner cloister in which the oldest emblem of Cres from the15th century is carved.  The convent hosts a museum with a collection of paintings and sculptures of old masters, an ethnographic collection as well as a rare liturgical book – a Glagolitic missal printed in Senj in 1494.

Benedictine Convent of St Peter, Cres
In the Nun Benedictine Convent of St Peter Apostle from the15th century there are Baroque organ and altars from the17th century.  A bell-tower was built as a lean to the side wall of the church and has distyles and a Baroque arch.

Parish church of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, Beli
The church of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary preserved the grave-stones with engraved Glagolitic inscriptions and farmers’ tools. In the north of the chapel there is a table with Glagolitic inscriptions. Fragments from pre-Romanesque plastic art from the 9th century are embedded in the church loggia.

Parish church of St Anthony, Orlec
The construction of the church begun at the beginning of the 16th century and the church was rebuilt in the 18th and the 20th century. The main altar is dedicated to the shepherds’ saint St Anthony the Hermit. The paintings in the church are made by a Slovenian author Tone Kralj. 

Church of St Anthony the Hermit, Lubenice
The church of St Anthony the Hermit is the most distinguishing one of 5 churches and chapels in Lubenice. The Gothic-style church was built in the 15th century with the Gothic bell-tower overlooking the village. The church is famous for its acoustics.

Church of St Mark, Valun
The Parish church of St Mark was built in 1851. It holds the Valun Table, a Glagolitic monument – a bilingual and two-script inscription from the 11th century.  The first parish church of St Mark was built in the 11th century and today it is a Cemetery church.

Church of St Martin, Martinšćica
The village Martinšćica and its bay were named after the church of St Martin. The historical centre of the village consists of the church, Franciscan convent, church of St Jerome and a citadel from the 17th century – a country estate of the patrician family Sforza.