What to do

Rich and miscellaneous natural and cultural idiosyncrasies make Cres a true environmental and cultural treasure of Kvarner keeping no man calm.

A tourist visiting Cres can relish revealing numerous plants and endemic plant varieties, amphibians and non-poisonous reptiles, ornithological reserves, natural landmarks, protected landscapes or those yet to become protected, hydro archaeological sites, rural and historic sites, buildings and complexes.

Great attention is given to sports and leisure activities: walking, mountain hiking and bicycle tours through many small roads and paths surrounded by the landscapes of sea, Mediterranean woods and coastal limestone areas provide endless pleasure. Furthermore, popular sports such as tennis, volleyball, bowling, table tennis, miniature golf as well as scuba diving, windsurfing and parasailing are also on offer.

Unforgettable one-day tours can get you to know Cres and enjoy captivating landscape, pristine nature and numerous landmarks especially a  tour to the old city centre of the city of Cres and scenic ship tours of which a scenic tour around the island of Cres is particularly well worth the effort.

Likewise, traditional cuisine will bring true joy to all the foodies. The very location of the island is responsible for delicious Mediterranean food based on sheep, aromatic herbs and seafood.



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