Gourmet Events

Fish Stew Festival

The Cres Fish Stew Festival is designed as a team competition in making a traditional dish –  fish stew. The motif of this festival is “People from Cres for Cres”: the local teams  show their culinary skills and compete with other teams. The earnings made by the selling of fish stew go to humanitarian purposes.

Goulash Festival

The Goulash Festival is a competition in making game meat goulash  held in June. This festival promotes allochthon game on Cres; thus the Cres Tourist Board has been marketing the  pre season   within the scope of Cres gourmet offer. The aim of the project is to brand the island of Cres as a gourmet destination offering numerous delicacies from fish to game meat. At the same time, the board is trying to place a true value on allochthon game on Cres and make it one of Cres idiosyncrasies. The earnings made by the selling of goulash go to humanitarian purposes.

Days of Cres lamb and olive oil

In April the Ulika Association and Cooperative Farm of Cres together with the Cres Tourist Board stage this event in which all the restaurants on the island take part. Restaurants offering various lamb delicacies make this event particularly popular. The last day of this event is held in the city of Cres. Besides lamb delicacies visitors can taste olive oil and different olive products.

Cherry Days

Cherry Days is held in Franje Petrić Square in Cres in June when anything made of cherries is on offer such as fresh cherries, cherry brandy, cherries in brandy, liqueurs, jams and marmalades.   Restaurants also offer cakes and meals made of cherries.

Fig Days

Fig Days is held in Franje Petrić Square in Cres in August when anything made of figs is on offer such as fig brandy, various fig liqueurs, jams and marmalades, fig bread, dried figs and different cakes. Restaurants also offer fresh figs and fig products.