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Creski kaić

03.06.2019. - 09.06.2019. / Cres

Creski kaić - Days of Maritime Heritage and Tradition is a new event in Cres which will be held from June 3rd until June 9th.


JUNE 3rd

19.00 – Cons/ Opening of the exhibition „Creski kaić – traditional boats of Cres“ by the Cres museum

19.30 – Mate Solis atelier/ Opening of the exhibition „Creski kaić“ by Mate Solis, an academic painter

20.00 – Italian community hall/ Opening of the exhibition „Models of the traditional adriatic boats“

20.30 – Frane Petrić square/ Creski kaić opening ceremony:

         Performance of Orlec folk ensemble

         Cooking of the traditional „palenta kumpirica“ dish

         Start of the traditional bowling tournament

         Concert: klapa „Burin“


JUNE 4th

17.00 – The loge/ Traditional card games tournament

17.00 – Frane Petrić square/ Traditional bowling tournament

18.30 - Frane Petrić square/ Demonstration of the traditional woodworking and ship repairing techniques

20.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Preparation and tasting of the traditional dishes: Lamb tripe

20.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Concert of local musicians


JUNE 5th

17.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Traditional bowling and card games tournaments

18.00 - Cres Pensioners' Association/ Lecture: „Maritime history of Cres – the memories of Cres's capitans“

19.00 - Italian community hall/ Lecture: „The galion Sveti Nikola from Cres in the battle of Lepanto 1571.“

20.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Concert: Trio Asi


JUNE 6th

18.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Traditional bowling and card games tournaments finals

19.00 – Cres Museum/ Opening ceremony of the exhibition „The smell of victory“ by the Cres Museum

19.30 - Frane Petrić square/ Creska butega – traditional products fair

21.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Concert: klapa „Teha“ and klapa „Čikat“

JUNE 7th

17.00 – Cres tower/ Exhibition „The mermaid – wool and the sea“ and chess tournament

17.00 – Port of Cres/ Gathering of traditional boats

17.00 – Port of Cres/ Maritime history exhibition center – sailing ship (loger) Nerezinac

17.30 - Frane Petrić square/ Sailing skills workshop for childern by Our Children Association Cres

18.00 - Frane Petrić square/ „Wool and the sea“ – felting wool workshop by Ruta Cres

19.30 - Frane Petrić square/ Performace of the Kindergarten Girice majorettes

20.00 – Frane Petrić square/ Cooking and tasting of venison stew

20.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Traditional tug of war competition

21.00 – The loge/ Cres open championship „Mora cantada“

21.00 – Frane Petrić square/ Concert: Groovers band


JUNE 8th

08.00 – Lungomare, restaurant Santa Lucia/ Meeting of the fisherman and start of the spearfishing tournament

09.00 - Lungomare, restaurant Santa Lucia/ Fishing from the shore tournament (categories: children and adults)

11.00 - Lungomare, restaurant Santa Lucia/ Skippers briefing for the regatta of traditional boats

12.00 – Lungomare/ Regatta of the traditional boats „Creski kaić“

13.00 – Frane Petrić square/ Finish of the spearfishing and fishing from the shore tournaments and weighing the catch

14.00 – Frane Petrić square/ Exhibition of the traditional boats

16.00 – Frane Petrić square/ „Brudetijada“ preparation of the traditional fish stew

19.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Choosing of the best fish stew and tasting

20.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Winner announcment for the regatta of the traditional boats and award ceremony for the tournaments held during the week

21.00 - Frane Petrić square/ Concert: D'Beni band

21.30 – Port of Cres/ „The game of sails and light“ – night sail of the traditional boats


JUNE 9th

Cres Museum/ Exhibitions: Creski Kaić and The smell of Victory

Italian Communtiy hall/ Exhibition „Models of traditional adriatic „

Mate Solis attelier/ Exhibition „Creski kaić“

Cres tower/ Exhibition „The Mermaid – wool and the sea“

The closing of the traditional boats exhibition